Tofino Surf Report for December 14, 2010

PUKE COLOUR! The surf is a bit junky looking today and is around 12 feet at 12 seconds. The wind is a non issue, and your best bet is North Chestermans although i doubt it will be the day of the year. In other news, with encouragement from my coworker Lisa, I have decided that my 2011 New Years Resolution is to sing Iron Maidens “Hallowed be Thy Name” at karaoke. This is a big commitment cause for one, I am the worst singer in the world (but i do have stage presence) and secondly the bar does not have this song on file so I will have to make them get it. By doing this I will help to prove Lisa’s theory that everyone can sing. Also I can pay homage to an amazing power ballad that has spent its life in the shadow of “Run to the Hills” and possibly create world peace by doing so.

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