The end of Manuary

Don’t panic everyone, Manuary has drawn to a close. We have returned, it is safe to say we had yet another Staff Trip of a lifetime, we all scored some of the best waves of our lives and logged some serious Vitamin D time.

We spent the first two weeks all together in Santa Teresa where the daily ritual of surf, eat, sleep, sloth, eat, surf and sleep was all too easy to fall into. We had some great waves and a particularly epic dance party on our last night in town.

With a slightly fuzzy feeling it was time for the next chapter;  Some of us went way down south to Pavones where we scored the longest left hand pointbreak we had ever seen let alone surfed. The rides were so long you had to get out of the water and walk back to the take off spot! The rest of the crew headed North to Nicaragua, to another left hand pointbreak where they also scored some epic waves.

For full details come on into our shop, grab a coffee and we’ll tell you all about it…

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