No excuses…go surfing!!

I’m such a brat! I was complaining to myself the other day about how I only get to surf on my 2 days off per week. Really, its because I’m lazy and I like sleeping in. So today I set my alarm and got up early to sneak in a session before work. Although the surf was mediocre and it made me miss my morning coffee and episode of Family Feud I decided it was worth it. I’ve got to stop taking for granted how lucky I am to be able to surf.

This got me thinking….whats is a ‘good excuse’ to not go surfing? Someone sent me this video today too¬† of a blind surfer, yes, BLIND surfer, surfing at Pipeline in Hawaii. Its crazy!! He cant see and yet he still surfs. There are paraplegic and quadriplegic surfers, blind surfers, deaf surfers, toddlers that surf, surfers in their 90’s…. Its amazing what people are doing out there. Heck, even animals dont have a valid excuse these days! All you have to do is look on youtube for videos on dolphins, sealions, dogs, cats, and even mice surfing!

Whats your excuse??!!??


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