Home Sweet Home!!!

We’re back!! Stoked, tanned and refreshed!!

After 5 weeks of traveling I’ve got to admit that it feels great to be at home….and a little chilly. Our trip began with 13  Surf sisters in Balian, Bali where we rented out a gorgeous vacation rental house owned by one of our Surf Sister alumni, Jenny. Jenny’s house was gorgeous (see our facebook page for photos) and the waves in Balian were a blast! Super fun, consistent and not crowded (except for us!). After two weeks we split into two groups, one group bound straight for Lakey Peak in Sumbawa and the other without a game plan.

Fortunate for team two, Jenny also works as a surf guide for female travelers in Indonesia (email girlsonboardbali@gmail.com) so we packed up and flew Lombok to start the next leg of our adventure. In Lombok we hired two cars to cart the team around and headed off in search for waves. Our first surf was at a heavy right handed reef and it was going off!! The break was one part amazing and one part terrifying. We realized the surf was heavy when Jenny’s shirt got ripped in half ‘Hulk Hogan Style’ during a wipeout! The following few days we hired boats and surfed some playful reefs.

From Lombok we hopped aboard the ferry to West Sumbawa. As we arrived in Sumbawa, so did the monsoons from the latest cyclone. Thanks to some skilled driving and a bunch of horseshoes we made it to our single hotel rooms where we managed to defy all spatial laws and stuffed 4 girls into one room and 5 in the other. Although the recent cyclone messed with the conditions, we still managed to get a couple of surfs in before we boated back to Lombok. On the ferry home we dazzled the boat with an a  capella  version of “Baby got Back”.

Back in Lombok we squeaked in a couple more surfs before boarding a plane to Lakey Peak in central Sumbawa. At Lakey’s we were reunited with the whole crew for a days before some of them returned back home. The first days at Lakey Peak we spent side lined in awe as we watched guys getting spat out of barrels and dropping into waves that were triple overhead! By the time the swell subsided to a manageable size we were frothing to charge! Our last week was spent  surfing perfect lefts and rights with a danceparty or two mixed in as well.

For pictures check out our facebook page. A huge thanks to Jenny from Girls on Board (girlsonboardbali@gmail.com) for hosting us!!


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