Cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce…

What does this blog post have to do with surfing? Absolutely nothing. It is however about the ‘coolest’ moment of my life. By ‘coolest’ moment, I mean that brief feeling in your life where you know that something so awesome has just happened that you almost feel like a super hero AND you actually have witnesses. I’m talking about that moment when you are just oozing with pride and you know that this is going to be a marker in your life that you compare other amazing things to. For some people this might be catching that perfect wave or winning and award….for me, it was this;

In grade 10 I was the biggest Beastie Boys fan ever. Somehow I conned my parents into letting me to go Vancouver with my best friend to the Beastie Boys concert on a school night. Right now you’re probably thinking that the concert was the ‘coolest’ moment…you’d be wrong. That moment happened the following day when I arrived 45 minutes late for class and the teacher asked me why I was so late? Standing there in front of my class, sporting my brand new concert t-shirt I proudly handed over my parent signed late slip and said “I’m late because I just got back from the Beastie Boys concert.” I  remember looking around the classroom at the envy on everyone’s faces and the disgust on my teachers….THAT was the coolest moment of my life.

Today I heard that Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys passed away after a 3 year battle with cancer. Makes me very sad. Thanks MCA for being the founder of my favorite band of all time, the soundtrack to my youth, and a part in what was the ‘coolest’ moment of my life.

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