Whats so special about today you ask? Well, not the surf necessarily as its around 14 feet at 12 seconds with funky winds. Today is special because it is ourĀ  Rhiannon’s birthday. Rhi has been with the sisterhood for around 7 years and over the years has brought us so much joy with her raunchy british slanderous phrases, understanding of all things geek and dog related, and bad cop attitude. She came to us as another typical foreigner living in a mini van and over the years proved to be not only a kick ass (can i write that?) employee but also one of my best friends in the universe. I think the day I decided I really loved her was when she stayed at my house years ago and in the morning woke me be saying “oye, mate. I dont remember where i parked my house”.

Well things just got awkward, cause now Rhi is here (yes, I made her work on her birthday) and is reading over my shoulder. Anyways, happy birthday to you Rhi! We love you!!

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